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LOVE CIRCLE or LOVE HEART:  For a beach wedding:  I have a greenery garland I place on the sand in a semi circle or a heart shape and fill it with fresh rose pedals.  $45.00 extra.


UNITY CANDLE CEREMONY:  I provide the table or pedestal and an unity candle holder, if needed.  Couples are responsible for purchasing the unity candle and tapers. 


SAND CEREMONY: I have different wordings for the sand ceremony for you to choose.  I will provide the pedestal or table, if needed for the ceremony.  Couples are responsible for purchasing the different colored sand and the sand containers.  

SAND CEREMONY WITH CHILDREN:  This ceremony includes children of the couple as well.

HAND CEREMONY:  A special wording for your wedding ceremony which describes how these hands will be the ones holding yours throughout life.

VOW RENEWAL:  A special ceremony for couples wanting to renew their marriage commitment to each other.

CEREMONY WITH CHILDREN:  A special ceremony for couples that want to include their children in the marriage ceremony.